Apply for additional DDEX Party ID

The DDEX Party Identifier (DPID) uniquely identifies each sender and receiver of a DDEX formatted message. As part of the process of issuing an implementation licence, DDEX will automatically allocate a DPID to each applicant. If your organisation has not yet been allocated a DPID you will need to take out an Implementation Licence. Please use this form for that.

In some instances a company may need more than one DPID. Such cases usually occur when companies offer services on different 'storefronts'. In such circumstances it may be necessary to uniquely identify each storefront with an individual DPID. You can request an additional DPID below. Please ensure when applying that the name of the entity for which the DPID is required is different from any previous entity for which you have applied for a DPID.

Similarly, aggregators play an increasingly important role in the digital supply chain. They enable companies that do not have the resource to develop their own technical infrastructure to be part of the digital market-place. Aggregators are increasingly using DDEX standards when communicating information to their clients' business partners. However, in order that each of the aggregator's clients is uniquely identified in the messages each client will need its own DPID even though, because they are not implementing themselves, they do not need an implementation licence. Aggregators can apply for DPIDs to allocate to their clients for this purpose. Please contact us if you are an aggregator and wish to provide this service to your clients.

If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

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