DDEX Future

DDEX is in the process of developing further standards (e.g. for communicating repertoire information from record companies to music licensing companies) and extending existing standards (e.g. for enabling sales reporting to record companies) for release in early 2012. As the market for digital music and indeed digital media as a whole continues to develop, new requirements for standardisation of the message formats and other aspects of the supply chain will continue to emerge which result in new versions or new standards altogether.

DDEX is also in discussion with representatives from other media industries to explore the possibility of its standards being the basis for developments in their environments. Although terminology used in these industries may be different from music, it is highly likely that the basic structure of the DDEX messages could be used in a modified form to meet their needs. If this can be achieved it will help ensure interoperability across all digital media supply chains, leading to greater efficiency, lower transaction processing costs and higher revenues for everyone.

Governments and policy makers are also looking increasingly towards the development of standards and their deployment as a means for the expansion of digital markets through much higher levels of automation of the rights management process. DDEX is therefore keeping in close contact with these developments to ensure that its work remains interoperable with these potential standards, so that, where relevant, they can be adopted with compatibility confidence by the DDEX community.