DDEX Working Groups

Charter and Full Members of DDEX provide as many representatives as they wish to serve on the technical Working Groups. All decisions are made by consensus. Associate Members may receive some of the outputs from Working Groups.

The following DDEX Working Groups are currently working on the next developments in digital supply chain standards.

Working Groups Mandate
Message Maintenance Working Group Maintain existing message suite standards
Business and Release Profile Working Group Develop and maintain subsets of the message suite standards for specific
types of business transactions and release types
Handbook Working Group Develop and maintain supporting documentation aimed at aiding implementations
Automated Message Exchange Protocol Working Group Maintain and update the message exchange protocol standards
and choreography standards associated with the message suite standards
Release Identification Working Group Work with IFPI on issues related to the Global Release Identifier Standard (GRID)
Software Working Group Maintain the open source software repository
Conformance Working Group Develop a process to determine conformance of DDEX implementations
Metadata Best Practice Working Group Develop best practices for the representation of metadata for rights
management and search/discovery purposes
Classical Working Group Develop a method to identify and adequately describe classical releases