Release Notes for the Musical Works Licensing Message Suite Standard

Changes between Versions 2.1 and 2.0

The main changes in Version 2.1 are:
  • Extending of the ControlledCompositionClause composite by several elements;
  • Adding a RightsClaimModel into Commercial ModelType allowed value set;
  • Adding PurchaseAsPhysicalProduct into the UseType allowed value set;
  • Adding LicenseeNotAuthorized and WorkUnknown into LicenseOrClaimRefusalReason;
  • Converting LicenseRejectionReason into an allowed value set with a series of allowed values;
  • Adding ClassicalAlbum into the ReleaseType allowed-value set;
  • Creating a RightsControllerType for use in the NewReleaseMessages for communications to music licensing companies; and
  • Add a BudgetRoyaltyRate into RoyaltyRateCalculationType allowed value set;
  • Changing the cardinality of the ArtistRole for artists from 0-∞ to 1-∞;
  • Converting LicenseRejectionReason into an composite based on an allowed value set;
  • Move the ResourceGroup to the ddexC namespace so that it can be used in ERN and MWL;
  • Rename two subelements of RightShare (used in MWL messages) to align them with other composites;
  • Clarifications on the definitions of various release dates;
  • Updating of the ISO code lists to cater for recent changes; and
  • Restructuring of the XML Schema files with no functional difference.

Note: Version 1.0 has, to the knowledge of DDEX, not been implemented and, thus, no release notes are provided.