Supporting documentation

Implementing a new set of standards can be daunting. Therefore, DDEX has produced the following supporting documentation which provides all the information you need to know about DDEX, its standards and their implementation. The content of the more technical documentation has been developed from DDEX members' real implementation experiences and will help you understand which standards are right for you and how you might go about implementing them.

Title Contents Target Audience
DDEX On A Page (.pdf) A one-page document about DDEX, its standards and the benefits they provide. Decision makers
DDEX Overview (.pdf) A presentation which provides an overview of DDEX and its standards Decision makers and operational personnel
DDEX Message Standards (.pdf) A presentation which provides a more detailed explanation of DDEX's standards and how they are constructed Decision makers and operational personnel
DDEX's Standards Development Process (.pdf) Explains the various stages of development and maintenance of the DDEX standards Operational and technical personnel
Known DDEX Standards implementations (.pdf) A list of known implementations of the different DDEX standards and the names of the companies exchanging them. Not all implementations have been notified to DDEX. Decision makers and operational personnel
Licensing DDEX standards for implementation (.pdf) A practical guide to licensing DDEX standards for implementation. Operational and technical personnel

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